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Classical Music

Johann Sebastian Bach

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Johann Sebastian Bach
Johann Sebastian Bach
1685 - 1750

Life of Bach

Ever wanted to read a biography of one of Dr. Lecter's favorite composers? Well, look here for your J. S. Bach biography.

Bach Central Station

Just about anything you could want in a site about Bach.

The Canons and Fugues of J. S. Bach

Has hundreds of Bach links. Anything and everything.

J. S. Bach Home Page

A Bach Mecca check out the midi, and reviews section, and take a peek at the Cantata Project.

Baroque Composers and Musicians
Johann Sebastian Bach

A very good biography and talk on some of Bach's works. Has links to other composers. Don't miss this one!

A Johann Sebastian Bach MIDI Page

The name says it all, come here for you Bach midi file needs.

The Goldberg Variations

An entire site devoted to the Doctor's favorite. With a brief breakdown of each variation and a list of many recordings of the piece.
Offered in English and Japanese. 

Bach, Händel & Scarlatti
Seen Through the Eyes of their Contemporaries

A wonderful essay on these and other Baroque masters
were seen in their day and age.

Traditional and Individual Style in the Motets of J. S. Bach

A peice on Bach's sacred/choral works of shorter lengths.

Bach's Method of Transcription

An interesting look for those who perform or have played Bach
or have an interest.

Was Bach a Rationalist, Pietist, Neither, or Both?

A connection between Bach and philosophy?
Stranger things have happened.

Not Bach, but Meer

Take a look at this great paper on Bach's influence and prestige.

Bach's Mass in B Minor as Musical Icon

Good essay and lecture on Bach's Mass in B Minor.
Available in Japanese.


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