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Illuminating Manuscripts

About the Author

Novel Thoughts

Leda's Online Library



The Harpsichord

History of Harmony

Johann Sebastian Bach

Man of Genius


Alessandro Scarlatti



A Lecterphile in Florence

Do You Know Florence?


Fine Art

Museo Virtuale

Faces of Leda

Every Vermeer in the World



Leda & The Swan - An Online Literary Journal   

Leda & the Swan

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  • Literature

    • Illuminating Manuscripts
      Literary Essays

      An eclectic index of articles submitted by Lecterphiles, all centering on themes appearing in one or all of the novels. 

    • About the Author
      A Profile of Thomas Harris
      For one who lives by words, Thomas Harris maintains a determined public silence.  What is known of Doctor Lecter's very private creator?

    • Novel Thoughts
      Book Reviews from Around the Web
      Not everyone wants to be liked, but it is interesting to read the widely divergent views of the press on the works of Mr. Harris.

    • Leda's Online Library
      Literary Links
      Are you equal to a debate on Dante?  Do you meditate on Marcus Aurelius?  Don't be a part of a generation that doesn't read... here you can make the most of classic literature available on the web.

  • Music
    Every Lecterphile can hum the Goldberg Variations, but how much do you really know about the Doctor's favorite composers and their work? 

    • Johann Sebastian Bach

      • Man of Genius
        A fascinating essay by Leeker17, Loving Lecter's own Classical music and history expert.

      • Links


    • Alessandro Scarlatti

  • Travel

    • A Lecterphile in Florence
      A Virtual Guided Tour
      Armed with camera and Lecteresque sensibilities, Loving Lecter's own Hannah made pilgrimage to the Doctor's favorite city... and we are proud to host her exclusive photos.


    • Do You Know Florence?
      Firenze Links
      It pays to be well informed about this fascinating haven of art and history... after all, you never know who might ask. 


  • Fine Art

    • Museo Virtuale
      Fine Art in the Lecter Trilogy
      As the Doctor was kind enough to point out, Duccio paints accurate crucifixions... now you can see for yourself as we bring you every work of art mentioned in all three books. 

    • Faces of Leda
      Mythical Imagery Through the Ages
      The Doctor left only one painting uncovered, making this Greek myth and its visual representations a matter of great interest. 

    • Every Vermeer in the World
      Catalogue of a Dutch Master
      Unfortunate, no, to be frustrated in one's single ambition in life?  Don't suffer Barney's fate... though troublesome to see them in person, you can at least track them down here. 



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