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Ghost of Christmas Past

copyright 2002, by DoktorFell

Disclaimer:    A Visit From St. Nicholas was written by Clemet C. Moore, and these characters were created by Thomas Harris.   They are used herein without permission, but in the spirit of admiration and respect.  No infringement of copyright is intended, and no profit, of any kind, is made by the creator, maintainer or contributors to this site.

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                                    Twas the night before Christmas and through Quantico,
                                    Not a creature was stirring but the boss of the show.

                                    Jack Crawford sat stoically, frowning and brooding,
                                    He was trying to sleep, but his thoughts kept intruding.

                                    He thought of his Bella and an agent named Will,
                                    But Clarice was the main thing... she haunted him still

                                    Her birthday had just passed. It made him quite sad.
                                    It was this time last year that the girl had gone bad.

                                    He’d sent her to Lecter. He thought it would work.
                                    How was he to know that she’d fall for that jerk?

                                    The man was a psycho! He killed! He ate livers!
                                    What did she think that the monster could give her?
                                    And then Crawford shuddered, felt as though he’d been kicked,
                                    The thought of Clarice with him made Jack feel sick.

                                    It had started alright, he’d read all her reports,
                                    He had always known Lecter would use her for sport.
                                    But he thought she was strong and could handle it well,
                                    So he’d sent her to talk to the fiend in his cell.

                                    Clarice sought out the info he’d asked her to find.
                                    OK, Jack, this the kind of thing you had in mind?

                                    Jack had thought it was right, but then something went wrong.
                                    When had Starling decided to not play along?
                                    She had chosen to do it her own way instead,
                                    Clarice let Dr. Lecter inside of her head.

                                    She had saved Catherine Martin, put an end to Jame Gumb,
                                    That success was a high, but the lows would soon come.
                                    The subsequent years were quite hard on the girl,
                                    The FBI taught her the truth of the world.

                                    She tried to do good and worked hard to fit in,
                                    But Paul Krendler screwed her again and again.
                                    And still she worked hard, did her best to advance,
                                    But that asshole, he left her not one single chance.

                                    She was close to despair, her career on the wane
                                    When Lecter came back in the picture again.
                                    He helped her in ways that poor Jack never could,
                                    Jack did not understand that he’d lost her for good.

                                    Starling went to save Lecter against firm command,
                                    “The world won’t be this way in the reach of my hand.”
                                    Starling saved him from pigs and from Verger’s foul plot,
                                    But in all the commotion, the agent was shot.

                                    Her condition was iffy, Clarice was quite weak.
                                    She was nursed back to health next to the Chesapeake.
                                    Dr. Lecter had cared for her, opened her mind.
                                    She was ready to now leave the Bureau behind.

                                    And to celebrate all of the progress she’d made,
                                    An extravagant table, Dr. Lecter had laid.
                                    A strange guest of honor he brought through the door,
                                    Starling sounded like Oliver, asking for more.

                                    When they found Krendler’s body, it was mostly intact,
                                    But his brain had been eaten. Lecter made her a snack.
                                    Did she go without struggle? Crawford worried and fretted.
                                    Was she eager for Lecter, her appetite whetted?

                                    Gone with Hannibal Lecter, his partner in crime,
                                    Jack had seen his Clarice for the very last time.
                                    With his head in his hands, Crawford sobbed and he wailed,

                                    “Clarice Starling with Lecter... how awfully I’ve failed!”

copyright 2002, by DoktorFell

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