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copyright 1999, by Leeker17

Disclaimer:    The characters Dr. Hannibal Lecter and Clarice Starling were created by Thomas Harris.  They are used herein without permission, but in the spirit of admiration and respect.  No infringement of copyright is intended, and no profit, of any kind, is made by the creator, maintainer or contributors to this site.

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Awake Clarice my butterfly
Come out of your cocoon
This shell called morality that traps you

Rise up like Lazarus from his tomb
Into the realm of tastes and scents and delights
Of mind and soul and body

Clarice, My Dear, you lie dead
Come and know what it is to live
In the palace of memory and experience

Soon enough the mortal coil claims
Our very breathe for it's own
Why choose to suffer
This damnation of boredom and lifelessness?

I will you show you how to live
Yes, come with trepidation,
The blood of the hand if life-blood Clarice

So unfold your wings
Only by fluttering your wings
Will you find strength My Dear.

copyright 1999, by Leeker17

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This fan fiction site exists to honor characters created by Thomas Harris.
No infringement of rights is intended and no profit, of any kind, is made.