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A doctor named Lecter, a shrink,
Eventually started to think,
That to punish the rude,
He would use them for food.
But what wine with his meals should he drink?

~ DoktorFell

Buffalo Bill

A killer named Gumb wanted skins,
But he wasn't sure where to begin.
So he used all his wits,
And he dug a deep pit,
Then snatched victims and tossed them all in.

~ Hannah

The Butcher

A new movie? Let Scott have a look.
But the script, the REAL ending forsook.
The film's ending was bad,
Making all the fans sad.
Next time, Ridley, try reading the book!

~ Hannah


There once was an agent named Will,
Whose guts Dr. Lecter did spill.
The knife left quite a scar.
From DC he ran far,
But the memories trouble him still.

~ Hannah

a movie Limerick

Dr. Lecter was leaving in haste
But he hated when food went to waste
So he packed up Paul's brain
To take on the plane
And gave a curious boy a quick taste

~ Hannah

The Dragon

Your case file you worked to assemble
Before me, dear Graham, you'll tremble
I wrote to my hero
Who offered some info
A Picasso you soon will resemble.

~ Steel


There once was an oaf named Paul,
Our Starling's career he did stall.
To Clarice he was rude.
He became Lecter's food,
And nobody missed him at all.

~ Hannah

The Getaway

Two officers, Pembry and Boyle,
Dr. Lecter's escape tried to foil.
The Doc used Pembry's face
To leave in his place,
Causing Murray and Tate to recoil.

~ Hannah


There once was a boy from Lithuania
Who couldn’t have been any brainier
But they ate his sister
So strongly he missed her
It turned him to homicidal mania

~ AA Aaron

Hannibal 2

There was a psychiatrist, Hannibal
Also known as Hannibal the Cannibal
So be careful dude
He may find you rude
With consequences unimaginable

~ AA Aaron

In Training

The head of Behavioral Science
Was looking for Lecter's compliance.
So Jack sent a trainee
And asked her to see
If she could get past his defiance.

~ Hannah

Lost Lamb

Poor Catherine, a senator's daughter,
Tried to help a bad man, and he caught her.
She had smooth, perfect skin,
And she rubbed lotion in
While awaiting the agent who sought her.

~ Hannah

Mr. Right

Our heroine, down on her luck
In a bad FBI job was stuck
She went to a farm
To save Lecter from harm
And then left with the Doctor to fuck.

~ Hannah


Poor Miggs! He threw semen at Starling,
An act that the Doc found apalling.
In the end, Lecter won.
Miggs? He swallowed his tongue,
‘Cause he screwed with our Hannibal's darling.

~ Hannah

Take Two

This Lecter he's quite a babe
such a pity he's stuck in a cage
Chilton's got it coming
he'll have to start running
from the wrath of the free doctor's rage

~ Lecterlicious


Graham was an agent who's life
Was made awkward by a worrying wife;
They both live in fear
That Lecter may reappear
In their dreams with a linoleum knife.

~ The Great Red Dragon aka Mel


Lecter is haunted by dreams,
And not of his sister, it seems;
Clarice, she runs far,
While he sits in her car,
And muses on erotic themes.

~ The Great Red Dragon aka Mel


Will, the Doctor does hate
for surving their perilous date
that saw Lecter get vicious
leaving Willy with stitches
and Chilton with the good doctor's fate.

~ Lecterlicious


Let me tell you bout this fellow named Jack
He stabbed our fair Clarice in the back
He sent her to Lecter
and downright misled her
then left her out to dry on the rack

~ Lecterlicious


But lets not forget Mr Krendler
In cahoots with Mason, a big spender
Clarice he had sacked
Lecter was far from rapt
so he stuck Paul's brain in a blender

~ Lecterlicious


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