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Loving Lecter Archive - Submission Guidelines 

Submission Guidelines & Information for the Archive
at Loving Lecter

Fiction is archived at Loving Lecter by invitation only, though we welcome and encourage submissions. Posting a fic to the forum does not automatically mean that it will be archived. If you wish to submit your work to be considered for permanent archival, you may contact the archive manager at submissions@typhoidandswans.com On a related note, archival of one piece of fiction does not guarantee that subsequent works by a particular author will automatically be accepted - all submissions will be considered on an individual basis.

The general criteria for acceptance into the archive is as follows...

* your fiction should be a completed, original work - we do not accept works in progress

* your fiction should involve characters from Red Dragon, Silence of the Lambs, and/or Hannibal by Thomas Harris - or, if you must, the films made from these novels

* your fiction should pay particular attention to accurate characterizations

* your fiction should be reasonably well-written with due consideration given to spelling, punctuation, and other basic grammatical rules and constraints

* your fiction should not challenge willing suspension of disbelief to an excessive degree - ie. your scenarios should be at least somewhat plausible

In some cases, editorial suggestions may be made before accepting a fic for archival.

What do you mean by paying particular attention to characterization?

Well, we all have differing views on Lecter and Clarice to some extent, so this is a subjective area. The archive at Loving Lecter for the most part chooses to accept pieces that fit in with the founders' take on Starling and the Good Doctor. If you have an alternate take on the characters that is particularly well done, we may make an exception.

What is your take on the characters?

For starters, "Never forget what he is." When we read a Lecter fic we want to see Hannibal Lecter in it somewhere, not a watered-down version of the ruthless killer we all know and love. The impulse to 'humanize' Dr. Lecter is perfectly acceptable, but at times, is taken to such extremes that he is rendered virtually unrecognizable.

We see the Doctor as cruel and edgy - as opposed to sweet, cuddly and overtly romantic. Take note, this includes tearful declarations of undying love and elaborate marriage proposals. We don't really see Lecter as a daddy either, so baby fics and the domestic 2.5 kids and a house in the country are not likely to make it past the initial screening. Not that we don't acknowledge the romantic aspects of the relationship, we just don't want to over-do.

That said, we do accept a few very well-done fics on the sweet side. Be aware these are what we refer to as "Lamb Tales" and are categorized as such.

Given that position, may I assume that violent content is not a problem?

You may. Violence is a part of the Lecter universe and is accepted as a part of Lecteresque fiction.

What about sexually explicit material?

We have no objection to sexually explicit content in a fic. We also happily accept PWP's (Plot? What plot?) But we expect them to be tastefully done. We acknowledge that this is also a very subjective area.

What do you consider tasteful?

We don't enjoy the 'porn film' or "Penthouse Letters" brand of erotica. Your sex should not be simply a series of transactions between your characters, it - like the rest of your plot - should be character driven. Yes, even in a PWP. Sex should be written with the characters always in mind - i.e. do not simply write a scenario that involves one of your own sexual fantasies without consideration to whether or not it fits well with the characters you are plugging into it. For example, we don't see the Doctor as a sexual submissive.

What do you mean by avoiding implausible scenarios?

This is not meant to discourage the submission of parodies or other whimsical offerings in the least. We have a section entitled More Fun Out of Life specifically for such works.

Neither does avoidance of implausible scenarios rule out the possibility of crossovers or plotting involving fantastical elements, but we ask you to plot these wisely and ALWAYS bear your characters in mind as you write.

In regards to specific plot elements...

Be warned that we will reject out of hand any fic that has Hannibal Lecter paying a clandestine visit to Quantico. He is the FBI's most wanted -- he would be foolish to be there even if he could manage to get onto a rigidly guarded Marine base without being discovered, and the Good Doctor is far from foolish.

Also, avoid submission of fics that have what we refer to as James Bond plotting. Please do not confuse Hannibal with Mission Impossible 2. Dr. Lecter is a serial killer, not a CIA operative. This is a man who collects church collapses. Let me reiterate, he also tops the FBI's most wanted list. We simply cannot see him running about as an action hero. If you can see the Doctor saying "Lecter. Hannibal Lecter." at any point during one of your scenes, then your fic is not for us.

We regard any situation that the Doctor or Clarice simply would not find themselves in to be implausible as well - this also falls under the header of characterization. For instance, we can't really picture the Doctor rolling through the drive-in at Taco Bell.

Is there anything else I should avoid?

We do not enjoy 'Lambchop' fics (what most fanfic sites classify as 'Mary Sue') i.e. a fic that revolves around an original -- and usually far too perfect -- character that is a stand-in for the author.

When you finish writing a fic, go back and read it with the critical eye that the Doctor himself would use. Can you see him shaking his head and muttering that he wouldn't be caught dead in that type of scenario? Can you envision an evil gleam in his eye and the flash of his harpy as he looks around for the author? If at any point in your submission, you suspect that the answer to this might be yes, we would strongly advise that you re-write that scene before submitting your fic to us.

You seem to have fairly strict criteria. Is this really necessary?

While some of this may seem harsh, we would remind you that the Doctor prides himself on his good taste, and we try to live up to those exacting standards.

That said, we would also remind you that individual submissions are evaluated on a case by case basis. All rules have their exceptions, and each submission will be given all due consideration.

What happens if my fic is accepted?

Once a fic is accepted, it will be run through a grammar and spell check program before being formatted and slight editing will be done accordingly. No words or phrasings will be changed without the author's express permission. The author will receive notice as soon as the fic is ready for viewing. All of the fiction at Loving Lecter is presented in a uniform style, and will look much like the page you are reading now.

If your original submission was not in the form of a Word Pad, MS Word, or Word Perfect attachment, you will be asked to provide a copy of your work in this form so that it can be properly formatted for inclusion in the archive. We will also ask you to include a brief summary of the piece. It should discuss the plot or set up the situation and mention which characters are involved. If your work is long, it should be divided into sections at points where you would like the breaks to appear. A single section should ideally be about 30kb. If you would like to subtitle the different sections, then you must provide subtitles for every section, not just a few.

There is no need to include a disclaimer with your submission. Loving Lecter uses a standard disclaimer on all fics in the archive.

Every page that bears your work will carry a copyright notice, which can be seen on any page at Loving Lecter. The webmistress and/or archive manager will retain a copy of your express permission to archive your work at Loving Lecter as proof that you granted same to this site and did not grant it to others. Copies of these mails are available upon request.

Authors may elect to receive feedback directly or to have it forwarded through the archive manager. All authors wishing to receive feedback directly should provide an email address to be posted as the feedback link with their fic.

If at any point an author would like their work removed from the site, they need only send us a request and an explanation, and we will comply.

All inquiries as well as your submissions should be directed to the email address noted above.

Thank you for your interest and attention.