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Works in Verse...

Loving Lecter Archive - Works in Verse

A Moment We Shared - by Little_Fava_Bean

Arms of Night - by bloodandivory

Awakenings - by Leeker17

Beautiful Beast - by Jayne

Brains in the Shell - by bloodandivory

Bullet & Blade - by bloodandivory

Cat and Mouse - by Clarice Starling

Clarice - by Tigerlily

Free - by Leeker17

Ghost of Christmas Past - by DoktorFell

Hannibal - by MWVixen

Hannibal Dreams - by Six Left

Into the Unknown - by Leeker17

Intoxication - by Clarice Starling

Juniper Berries - by Clarice Starling

Lecteresque Haiku - inspired by Dr. Peter

Lecteresque Limericks - suggested by AA Aaron

Let Me Sleep - by Hannah

The Loneliness of One - by Vicky

The Nightmare of Idleness - by LecterGrrl

The Taste of Desire - by Glimmerdark

Untitled - by Mel


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