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All You Wish For

From the creators of Hannibal & Clarice - No Ordinary Love, this new site focuses on the on the film version of Hannibal and the many deficiencies therein.  Still under partial construction.


Elfin Productions

A Slash fic site with Lecter/Graham pieces inspired by the film Red Dragon


Fan Fiction Research Collective

  The Research Collective is a database for fan fiction research with many Lecter-appropriate 'experts' and a links section to useful research related Web sites. This site also boasts a fiction archive for the Harpies Collective, which consists of Glimmerdark, Clevergirl, and NyxFixx. If that isn't enough reason to visit, you can also find Remains of the Day fic from Zircon here, as well.


Hannibal & Clarice - No Ordinary Love

 An intense visual experience containing fiction, poetry, song lyrics and other tributes to the fascinating couple.


A Thousand Years

Lecteresque fiction and some lovely photo montages, among other things.



A Fan Fiction Site Dedicated To Dr. Hannibal Lecter



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