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A writersí community where readers submit and review stories dealing with a wide variety of fandoms.


Fanfiction Links

A helpful directory that gives links to other sites dealing with whatever fandom you choose.


Fiction Resources

Fiction related news, books and web resources, including a section on fan fic


The Wonderful World of Makebelieve Archive

A selection of links to both general and slash fanfic in a wide variety of genres
~ everything from Buffy to the West Wing.


Bad Fanfic! No Biscuit!

With plenty of tips, a handy resource guide, and several intentionally bad fics,
Bad Fanfic! No Biscuit! is a helpful site that shows one how NOT to write.



'Bard' meaning a storyteller and 'con' meaning convention. In other words, it's a storytellers convention.
Check out this site information for the 2003 BardCon in Las Vegas.


The FanFic Symposium

A forum for essays, rants, and raves about fanfic


Godawful Fan Fiction

"Godawful Fan Fiction.
Three small words that bring terror to the hearts and bile to the throats of the bravest souls."

A fun site to play at featuring some of the worst on the web.


Morganís Adult Fiction Library

Arguably the best site that featuring Hercules slash fic, Morganís tasteful and tantalizing work
also includes Buffy, Highlander, and Xena adult fics.




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