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Loving Lecter Archive

Lamb Tales...

Being a collection of tales that appeal to those among us that prefer the softer, more gentle side of Clarice and Hannibal's relationship.  Designed with the romantic Lecterphile in mind.

Loving Lecter Archive - Lamb Tales


Title: Heat of the Midnight Sun Length: In 5 Parts
Author: Horserider91271
Summary: Clarice tries but is unable to forget Hannibal Lecter.
Timeline: Set at the end of Silence. Departs cannon.


Title: Kisses Length: In 1 Part
Author: Gretchen
Summary: The Good Doctor pays Clarice a visit.
Timeline: Set after Silence of the Lambs, Departs cannon.


Title: L'Amour Length: In 1 Part
Author: Diana Lecter
Summary: Clarice is unsure whether to reveal her feelings to the Doctor
Timeline: Set after Hannibal, Follows cannon.


Title: Memories Haunted Her Length: In 1 Part
Author: DarkShadow
Summary: Clarice is taken from the Dr. after a full year together and her memories are erased. Will she learn the truth?
Timeline: Set after Hannibal. Departs canon.


Title: Old Habit Length: In 6 Parts
Author: Avengerdeb
Summary: Pending
Timeline: Set after Hannibal, Follows cannon.


Title: A Visit to Washington Length: In 1 Part
Author: China Mail
Summary: Dr. Lecter is drawn to Clarice once again.
Timeline: Set 3 years after film adaptation of Hannibal. Follows film cannon.



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