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Loving Lecter Archive

Honey in the Lion...

Being a collection of tales of Clarice alone - both before and after a variety of involvements with the Doctor.  

You'll find stories Agent Starling's past, present and and future... without Hannibal. 

Loving Lecter Archive - Honey in the Lion


Title: Beyond the Dreaming Tree Length: In 1 Part
Author: Horserider91271
Summary: Musings of Hannah, the horse Clarice saved in Montanna.
Timeline: Set around Silence. Follows cannon.


Title: Life's Rewards Length: In 1 Part
Author: Emily Lecter
Summary: What, do you suppose, would have become of Clarice if she had stayed with the Bureau instead of going with the GD? Just a teensy glimpse of what might have been…
Timeline: Set after Hannibal. Departs canon.


Title: The Path Not Taken Length: In 1 Part
Author: Calico
Summary: A bittersweet look at a possible ending for Hannibal and Clarice.
Timeline: Set eight years after Hannibal. Follows canon.


Title: Variations on a Theme Length: In 1 Part
Author: Little Starling
Summary: You'll never hear the Goldberg Variations the same way again after Clarice reflects on her final night with her lover, Hannibal Lecter.
Timeline: Set after Hannibal. Follows Canon.



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