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As the name implies, this section contains stories of the short and tasty variety, featuring Drabbles,  Flash fiction and Vignettes.

A drabble contains exactly 100 words; a Flash contains 155.  Surely the Doctor would admire such an elegant, controlled form.

Loving Lecter Archive - Appetizers


Bored Game - Flash - by Avengerdeb

Cat Fight - Drabble - by Hannah

Contentment - Drabble - by DoktorFell

Dinner - Drabble - by Hannah

Dinner and a Movie - Drabble - by Hannah

Drabble - Drabble - by bloodandivory

Fallen - Drabble - by Hannah

Harmony - Drabble - by Leeker17

The Hunted - Drabble - by FBI to Be33

Identity - by bloodandivory

In Season  - Drabble - by DoktorFell

Lucifer - Drabble - by Aeris

Perchance to Dream - Drabble - by Hannah

Reunion - Drabble - by bloodandivory

Remains - Drabble - by Ruth

Then Again, Maybe Not - Drabble - by Celestial Rose

Tradition - Flash - by Glimmerdark

Untitled I - Drabble - by Mel

Untitled II - Drabble - by I Am the Blade

Withdrawal - Drabble - by bloodandivory


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