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Loving Lecter Archive

Crawford the Stoic...

Being a collection of tales involving one of the true joys of Lecterphiles everywhere... the torture and humiliation of "the Guru"

If you're a fan of old Jacky-boy, go no further... unless you want to share his torment in this cruel collection of fates.

Loving Lecter Archive - Crawford the Stoic


Title: All the World's a Stage Length: Completed
Author: Glimmerdark
Summary: Jack Crawford wrestles with demons from the past.
Timeline: Set during Hannibal the Novel.  Departs from canon. 


Title: Lovesick Length: In 1 Part
Author: Kabochon
Summary: Crawford gives in to his desire for Clarice.
Timeline: Set 9 years after Silence of the Lambs.  Departs canon.


Title: Revelations Length: In 1 Part
Summary: Several months after Clarice Starling's disappearance, Jack Crawford receives news of her whereabouts from Hannibal Lecter.
Timeline: Set during Hannibal.  Departs from canon. 


Title: Shadows in the Light Length: In 1 Part
Author: Screaming Ferret
Summary: On his death bed, Jack Crawford is given some time to reflect
on his life.
Timeline: Set during Hannibal. Departs cannon.


Title: Witness Length: In 1 Part
Author: Hannah
Summary: Crawford views a security tape that has captured a surprising encounter between Clarice and Dr. Lecter.
Timeline: Unspecified time.  Departs from canon.


Title: A Visit from an Old Friend Length: In 1 Part
Author: DianaLecter
Summary: Jack Crawford is paid a visit from an old friend.
Timeline: Approximately two and a half years after Chapter 101.  Departs from canon.



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