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Loving Lecter Archive - All Stories by Theme

Closer Please - Tales of growing intimacy Unkindest Cut - Tales of the ending of Hannibal, the film Scenarios, Exchanges - Do you envision them?

The Rest of Me - Tales of the Doctor without his lady

Half an Arch - Tales that further explore the intimacies of Chapter 101

Honey in the Lion - Tales of Clarice without the Doctor

Lamb Tales - Tales of a more romantic nature More Fun Out of Life - Tales intended to make you follow the Doctor's very good advice. Enemies & Others - Tales centered on the supporting characters
Crawford the Stoic - Tales that torment, terrify and toy with our least favorite mentor. Works in Verse - Our poetry archive Loving Lecter Archive - After the Opera
Appetizers - Tasty bites of short, short fiction Loving Lecter Archive - Challenge Section Crossovers - Tales of the Doctor in other universes

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