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Title: Quid Pro Quo Length: In 10 Parts
Summary: Dr. Hannibal Lecter... arguably the most dangerous man alive... just became even more dangerous.  Now he carries a deadly secret-- and a consuming obsession for the beautiful FBI agent he left behind. Now she needs his help again... will she be his final victim?
Timeline: Set after Silence of the Lambs.  Departs from canon. 


Title: The Soulmates From Hell Length: In 6 Parts
Summary: Beautiful, brilliant psychopath Catherine Tramell meets her ideal match... Hannibal Lecter!   Will she ice him with her pick, or will he have her liver with onions?  The deadliest game of is about to begin...  A Silence of the Lambs/Basic Instinct Crossover.
Timeline: After Silence of the Lambs and Basic Instinct.  Departs from canon. 




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