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Little Starling


Title: Beauty of the Beast Length: In 9 Parts
Summary: Summary pending.
Timeline: Set almost a year after the film version of Hannibal. Departs film cannon.


Title: If You Loved Me Length: In 1 Part
Summary: Dr. Lecter asks Clarice a question of loyalties.
Timeline: Set during the film adaptation of Hannibal. Follows Canon.


Title: Indulgence Length: In 10 Parts
Summary: When Ardelia Mapp is killed in the line of duty, Clarice's emotions spin from shock, to guilt, and then back to shock when her suffering again tempts the elusive Dr. Lecter out of retirement...
Timeline: Continues after film adaptation of Hannibal. Incorporates elements
of both book and film cannon.


Title: Lady of Silences Length: In 1 Part
Summary: Pinned against the fridge, Clarice quite literally waits for the axe to fall.
Timeline: Set during the film adaptation of Hannibal. Reinterprets film canon.


Title: Reflected in Darkness Length: In 1 Part
Summary: In secluded darkness, Clarice is enlightened as to her own dark motives and desires.
Timeline: Set during Hannibal. Follows Canon.


Title: Silent Gemini Length: In 1 Part
Summary: Clarice Starling reflects on the drastic changes in her life as she prepares to face her first assignment since Dr. Lecter.
Timeline: X Files crossover, set 2 years after Silence. Outside cannon.


Title: Variations on a Theme Length: In 1 Part
Summary: You'll never hear the Goldberg Variations the same way again after Clarice reflects on her final night with her lover, Hannibal Lecter.
Timeline: Set after Hannibal. Follows Canon.



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