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Title: Beyond the Dreaming Tree Length: In 1 Part
Summary: Musings of Hannah, the horse Clarice saved in Montanna.
Timeline: Set around Silence. Follows cannon.


Title: Crux of Some Stars Length: In 1 Part
Summary: Barney Jackson directs some traffic at the intersection of a certain couple's paths...
Timeline: Set during Silence. Departs cannon.


Title: Greener Pastures Length: In 1 Part
Summary: Jack Crawford, newly recovered and returning home from the hospital, discovers a suspicious envelope in his mailbox. What tidings does it bring?
Timeline: Set during Hannibal, the novel, just prior to Chapter 102.  Follows canon.   


Title: Hannibal's First Length: In 10 Parts
Authors: Diana Lecter, Drandmrslecter & Horserider91271
Summary: A first time experience for a young Hannibal Lecter
Timeline: Set prior to Red Dragon. Outside cannon.


Title: Heat of the Midnight Sun Length: In 5 Parts
Summary: Clarice tries but is unable to forget Hannibal Lecter.
Timeline: Set at the end of Silence. Departs cannon.


Title: Pleasant Thoughts to Pass the Time Length: In 1 Part
Author: Horserider
Summary: On his way to the asylum, Dr. Lecter reflects on an early indulgence in his 'hobbies'.
Timeline: Set prior to Red Dragon.



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