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Title: Appetite Length: In 6 Parts
Summary: Hannibal & Clarice enjoy an evening out when the Good Doctor is feeling playful.
Timeline: Set after Hannibal, the novel.  Follows Canon.


Title: The Basement Length: In 3 Parts
Summary: “Officer Stewart left law enforcement after he saw Dr. Lecter’s basement. He managed a motel now.”  Red Dragon
Timeline: Set before Red Dragon.  Follows Canon. 


Title: Bound Length: In 8 Parts
Summary: During a trip to Florence, Clarice Starling encounters the Good Doctor in a most unlikely setting, armed only with a set of handcuffs.
Timeline: Set 5 years after Silence, departs from canon.


Title: Carnevale Length: In 4 Parts
Summary: Clarice Starling has a chance encounter with an old friend while on vacation in New Orleans.
Timeline: Set 18 months after Silence of the Lambs.  Departs from canon. 


Title: For Old Time's Sake Length: In 15 Parts
Author: Hannah
Summary: Jack Crawford turns to Will Graham for help in locating Clarice Starling after she goes missing.
Timeline: Set during Hannibal. Departs cannon.


Title: The Gift Length: In 1 Part
Summary: Ardelia Mapp receives a package from Starling after her disappearance.
Timeline: Set during Hannibal.  Follows canon. 


Title: Girlfriend Length: In 5 Parts
Summary: More than 5 years after Clarice Starling disappears, Ardelia Mapp decides to follow an unexpected lead and goes looking for her former roommate.  Unfortunately, what she finds is a little more than she had bargained for...   
Timeline: Set after Hannibal.  Follows canon. 


Title: Happy Meal Length: In 1 Part
Author: Hannah
Summary: Parody
Timeline: A crossover with Ally McBeal set prior to Red Dragon, Outside cannon.


Title: Language Lessons Length: In 1 Part
Summary: The Doctor employs rather unorthodox methods to encourage Clarice's mastery of Italian.
Timeline: Set after Hannibal.  Follows canon. 


Title: Retribution Length: In 1 Part
Summary: It has taken Former Special Agent Starling several years to regret her actions and accept her desire.  Will Hannibal Lecter give her what she wants?  Or what she deserves?
Timeline: Set 3 1/2 years after Hannibal - The Film.  Follows Film Canon. 


Title: Revelations Length: In 1 Part
Summary: Several months after Clarice Starling's disappearance, Jack Crawford receives news of her whereabouts from Hannibal Lecter.
Timeline: Set during Hannibal.  Departs from canon. 


Title: Witness Length: In 1 Part
Summary: Crawford views a security tape that has captured a surprising encounter between Clarice and Dr. Lecter.
Timeline: Unspecified time.  Departs from canon. 



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