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The darkness beckons
From the pit a woman screams
The lambs are silent

~ AA Aaron

Soft music playing
Butter sizzling in hot pan
Brains fried with capers

~ Clariz

Conflicting feelings
Endless mixed emotions
For a thousand years

~ Clariz


She stares at the bones,
All that remains of Daddy.
Time to look forward.

~ DoktorFell

Mister Hopkins turns
Red pinwheels, flash of silver
Monster kills Maker

~ The Great Red Dragon aka Mel

Intense maroon eyes
Excruciating survey
Their subject trembles

~ Hannah

The Protege

Jack summons Starling,
Graham used and discarded.
Lecter's new plaything.

~ Hannah

Feet pounding the earth
A glance over the shoulder
Her life she has missed

~ JStarz

Clarice, hair in door
watches the doctor
take the cleaver in his hands

~ A Pazzi of the Pazzi

Suspicions confirmed
Hesitation not a thought
The lamb must be saved

~ Steel


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