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Dr. Lecter's Waiting Room

copyright 2001, by Diana Lecter & Drandmrslecter

Disclaimer:    The characters Dr. Hannibal Lecter was created by Thomas Harris.  Robert Blotch created Norman Bates. Nurse Ratchett belongs to Ken Kesey. Regan MacNeil was created by William Peter Blatty. Wes Craven created Freddy Kruger. They are used herein without permission, but in the spirit of admiration and respect.  No infringement of copyright is intended, and no profit, of any kind, is made by the creator, maintainer or contributors to this site.

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"The Doctor will see you now Mr. Bates," Mrs. Ratchett said to the tall, slender gentleman who was waiting for his appointment with Dr. Hannibal Lecter, MD- Practioner of Psychiatry. He had been referred there by his present therapist and was slightly apprehensive about this initial meeting.

He had been waiting for several minutes and was tapping his fingers on the mahogany table next to him with one hand and biting the nails of his other when the nurse had interrupted his nervous daydreaming.

He uncrossed his legs as he slowly got up to go into Dr. Lecter's office. He was very shy and discussing the subject matter he was about to embark on was not going to be easy for him, however, "Dr. Lecter is the best" is what he kept hearing from many in the psychiatric community and his therapist had strongly urged Mr. Bates to seek out his services.

He walked up to the large oak door next to Mrs. Ratchett's desk and lightly knocked on it several times.

"Come in, Mr. Bates" said the elegant voice on the other end.

He walked in and was greeted by a charming, dignified and attractive man not much taller than his own mother when the Doctor walked up to him, shook his hand and said, "Mr. Norman Bates...I presume…so happy to meet you. I'm Dr. Hannibal Lecter."

"Very nice to meet you, Dr. Lecter," he answered politely.

"Please have a seat…I'll be right with you." Dr. Lecter gently urged.

As Dr. Lecter collected his medical records, Mr. Bates sat quietly in the comfortable reclining chair and started to bite his nails again.

"Why, there's no reason to be nervous, Mr. Bates" Dr. Lecter said with a smile as he sat down with his file in the chair next to him. "I don't bite".


Once everything was situated, Dr. Lecter folded his hands promptly, the epitome of professionalism, and nodded to his patient. "Mr. Bates…what seems to be the problem?" This question was of course redundant as Dr. Lecter knew very well of his ailment. The case file was directly before him, and there wasn't a soul in America that remained ignorant of the events that occurred at the now-notorious Bates Motel.

Nevertheless, complaint did not arise on Mr. Bates' face, though he did not seem to want to answer the question wholly. Instead, he pointed a bony finger at the file resting under Dr. Lecter's arms. "You have the case file," he observed.

"How very attentive you are. Yes, I do have it, but admission of one's problem is a general step in the process of healing. Do you know what is wrong with you, Mr. Bates?" Dr. Lecter's voice was kind and cooperative, though anyone who read gazes for what they were would have duly noted the humor he saw in the situation.

In the field of psychiatry, Mr. Bates was fresh meat.

Dr. Lecter smiled at the thought. This line of work certainly had its…upsides.

"My mother kills people. I don't see why I'm here."

There, a lapse in one's memory, not to mention sanity. According to the file, Mr. Bates had both good and bad days. Today was seemingly a better day, not necessarily good but better. At least he knew he was not his mother, but he was in the mindset that she was still alive and responsible for the deaths of those young women and many more visitors that never checked out of the motel.

"Norman, if I may call you Norman, you do know your mother is dead. You killed her yourself."

The face of his patient paled considerably as though the thought had never occurred to him. "No, she's alive. She's being questioned at the police station…"

"You were question, yes. But your mother has been dead for years. You killed her and her lover. Let's establish fiction from fact. You are Norman Bates. Your mother is dead. YOU killed those young women and the detective, anyone who came to the motel, hmm? You-"

By this time, Mr. Bates' face was red from tears, either of accusation or knowledge. Dr. Lecter smiled at the affect and sat back, allowing a minute of silent recollection to set in before proceeding with the more difficult analysis.

But the moment stretched a beat too long, and just as Mr. Bates looked like he might speak, Dr. Lecter's office doors burst open. Inside rushed his secretary and two men holding a young girl by the arms. A foul odor perturbed the air as this stampede advanced inward, and it was easy to note something was slightly off about the girl. Her face was swollen and mostly purple, aligned with nasty scratches and bruises, most likely self-inflicted.

"So sorry to interrupt the session, Dr. Lecter!" one of the men said. "But this is an emergency!"

Dr. Lecter did not like to be disturbed while doing anything, especially when a strong emotional reaction was so close to being drawn from Mr. Bates. But all his irritability abandoned him upon studying the girl further. He allowed this and calmly asked the three adults - excluding Mr. Bates - to vacate the room. After tying the girl to a chair across from him, they abided and left.

A minute later, his secretary returned with the case file. Dr. Lecter thanked her and sent her out. By this time, Mr. Bates was quite confused and frightened, staying away from the new arrival as the girl proceeded to growl and make unearthly noises that even had Dr. Lecter curious. He glanced at the name on the file. It read: "Regan MacNeil."

The girl was regurgitating some questionable green substance on herself when Dr. Lecter looked up. Though the smell was rancid, he didn't reflect reaction.

"Good morning Regan, if I may call you Regan…"

"I am not Regan!" A thunderous, menacingly ethereal voice declared.

"Oh? How interesting. I see we haven't been formally introduced. I am Dr. Hannibal Lecter, your psychiatrist for today. That-" he nodded his head toward the other patient, "-is Mr. Norman Bates. Who might you be?"

"I am the DEVIL!" the girl proclaimed, flexing as her voice became hoarse and she released another inhuman growl. "Release me from these bonds!"

Still unaffected, Dr. Lecter merely smiled as he glanced over the case file. According to local priests, her problem was beyond psychiatric help. The word: 'possessed' came up more than once. Never a figure of ominous piety, Dr. Lecter discarded that theory immediately.

"If you are the Devil, I believe you can manage to wiggle free without outside assistance," he offered mockingly. "Won't you please demonstrate?"

Finally, the tantrums subsided and the girl coaxed down slowly in her seat, neon eyes flickering at him as she took on an amused look. Slowly, the creature started to chuckle. "That's much too vulgar a display of power, wouldn't you agree, DOCTOR Lecter?"


"Actually, I do agree, Regan..and quite frankly that was the manner in which I was hoping you would respond. It would appear that you can exercise judgement…that is a start."

"I'M NOT REGAN!" the thunderous voice declared once again.

"Well, there's no need to shout." Dr. Lecter politely said.

Just as Dr. Lecter was speaking to "Regan", Mr. Bates began to shuffle nervously in his seat.

"Dr. Lecter", he began, "I could always come back another time…It seems you have your hands full at the moment."

"WHO ASKED YOU?" Regan shouted.

"Now now, Regan, you're being rude and I can't stand rude people" Dr. Lecter said turning to her and giving her a scowl.

"Mr. Bates" Dr. Lecter said, turning to his nervous patient, "I think that it would be better if you stayed..I feel we are already on the verge of a breakthrough and I do not wish this interruption to jeapordize that."

"If you insist, Dr. but I should really be getting back to Mother," Mr. Bates said anxiously.

"YOUR MOTHER'S A BITCH!" Regan screamed as Mr. Bates' jaw dropped.

"Honestly, Regan, if you can't behave I'm going to have to ask you to leave." Dr. Lecter scolded.

"BOTH OF YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Regan screamed at both Dr. Lecter and Mr. Bates.

Mr. Bates grew pale as Dr. Lecter calmly turned to her and said, "All-right, young lady, I've had quite enough of this…One more outburst like that and I will have to take some drastic measures with you."


At this feeble threat, the creature couldn't help to laugh. "Drastic measures".. it repeated, scoffing.. "I'll show you drastic measures." Then, the young girl proceeded to unleash some sort of unearthly howl as it ravaged back and forth in its confinement.

As it was seemingly content to struggle with the bonds that gave no sign of wearing, Dr. Lecter turned his attention once again to Mr. Bates, making very sure to stay on alert of what the girl could do, but not wanting this unfortunate turn of events to interrupt their session.

After all, though he was a man of great influence, he was still only a man.

"Let us resume, Mr. Bates", Dr. Lecter said nicely, blatantly ignoring the convulsing being in the chair before his desk.

Uncertainly, Mr. Bates' eyes traveled to the girl and remained there for a minute before going back to him. "Umm…I'm not sure if that is such a good idea…"

Dr. Lecter's maroon eyes shifted to the direction of Regan, but he did not offer a full head turn. After a second, once he had eye contact again, he said reassuringly, "Please do not allow my unexpected guest to interfere with our session. Before the untimely interruption, I believe we had established that it is you who is responsible for the murders of those fateful guests.."

Apparently, Mr. Bates was far from the line of reckoning. Dr. Lecter personally blamed it on the intrusion their third party was causing, and scowled inwardly. Even though Regan was safely out of the conversation, her howls and rantings had done nothing to subside. She sounded as though she were in agony, and as much as he looked forward to analyzing her, it was first come first serve. Anything else would be dreadfully rude.

Mention of the murders had Mr. Bates riled: there was no questioning that. But it was not in the manner Dr. Lecter was striving for. "I DID NOT KILL ANYONE!" he screamed, jumping from his seat 'IT WAS MOTHER! IT WAS ALL MOTHER!"


Dr. Lecter blinked. This voice came from behind him and was disguised in the tone of an ederly woman. It held a very stern edge. From the widening of Mr. Bates' eyes, he knew immediately whom Regan was attempting to impersonate.

When he turned to look at her, she was smiling malevolently, her inhuman eyes sparkling with ecstasy. She remained fixated on Mr. Bates, looking as though she were unaware that the doctor was still in the room.


Mr. Bates was petrified, backing up against Dr. Lecter's bookcase and clutching to it as though he could climb up and escape the room, 'Mother!" he screamed, eyes bulging with terror.

The creature was delighted, smiling profusely. "YOU KNOW ME NORMAN, NORMAN! I WOULDN'T HARM A FLY!"

Though he was impressed with the obvious accurate impersonation Regan was pulling off, Dr. Lecter finally felt his patience begin to slip. Slowly, he turned to face her, gaze serious and capturing hers upon first movement.

'Now, Now Regan. Enough of that."

Surprisingly, the creature abided, but not in the fashion he expected. Instead, the girl's eyes dropped their menacing gaze and alternated full attention to him. Then, in a voice that nearly broke him, she omitted a musical-like question, "Hannibal?"

"Why did you let me die, Hannibal? Why did you let them take me?"

It was difficult hearing his sister's sweet voice coming from that ghastly thing. The words did more than sting; they cut deeper than any knife he could have inflicted. But, through it all, he knew it wasn't Mischa speaking. It was her voice, but it wasn't Mischa.

The idea that anyone would dare imitate his deceased sister infuriated him. Dr. Lecter felt his anger rising and he leapt from his seat, moving directly over Regan where he exercised his deceptive strength and lifted it so they were at eye level.

"If you know what is good for you, you'll be so kind as to wait your turn," he declared in a low, throaty growl. Whatever control he managed to keep, he held securely.

The creature was not threatened, and instead laughed, a long insulting laugh. No one ever laughed at him like that.

"YOUR SISTER SUCKS COCKS IN HELL, HANNIBAL", it declared in the former demonesque voice.

Red eyes afire, Dr. Lecter prepared to drop the chair and hopefully cause some form of harm when Regan decided to release some more of the pea-green substance that stained her shirt. As he was sprayed, he made a sound of disgust and released the chair, however, no sound of crash followed.

After dabbing his eyes with a handkerchief, Dr. Lecter saw why. The chair was now floating from where he had released it, and the creature that sat there was laughing, a singing sound rising at the top of her voice.

"HANNIBAL THE CANNIBAL! HANNIBAL THE CANNIBAL!" it sang loudly. Regan's head shot upward, eyes gleaming as they landed in the fury of his own and reflected anything but intimidation.

"Get used to it, Hannibal, that's what they'll be calling you!"

Dr. Lecter, uncharacteristically, felt himself pale.

Before either he or Mr. Bates, who remained in his horrified state on the opposite side of the room could reply, the creature laughed again before performing a full head turn, three hundred and sixty degrees, and looked back to them smiling.


Dr. Lecter felt his blood boiling…It wasn't enough that this creature had interrupted his therapy session with Mr. Bates just as he was about to have a major breakthrough, but he had tainted the memory of his beloved baby sister.- his beautiful Mischa. But now, to make matters even worse…Regan's chair was scraping up and down the oak finish of Dr. Lecter's newly renovated cathedral ceiling! His face turned red and the sparks in his maroon eyes flew as he shouted:

"Young lady…I must insist that you get down here this instant!"


"Regan...I'm going to count to three!!" Dr. Lecter threatened.




"Dr. Lecter...please…" Mr. Bates pleaded..

"YOU STAY OUT OF THIS MAMA'S BOY!!" Regan shouted from the ceiling.

Just before the infuriated Dr. Lecter could get to three, his office door opened and in ran a tall thin man with a harried look on his face.

"Dr. Lecter, Dr. Lecter…I'm so sorry I'm late…we did say, 3pm didn't we?"

Dr. Lecter looked at the man as all of a sudden, Regan's chair came crashing down in a heap. Mr. Bates and Dr. Lecter both stared at her in disbelief as the girls face returned to normal and her whole body relaxed.

"Where am I?" Regan asked.

"There there now, Regan," Dr. Lecter said as he helped her up. "It's fine now...everything is going to be all right."

After a few moments of calm, Dr. Lecter helped Regan out of her bonds and brought her out to the waiting room to be picked up by her mother, who did not bother making another appointment.

A few moments later back in his office, Dr. Lecter said, "Mr. Bates, if you'll excuse me, this has been a most trying afternoon…I think we better reschedule for next week…would that be all right?"

"Why, yes," he answered, "that would be fine, Dr. Lecter, thank you."

As Dr. Lecter walked Mr. Bates out to the waiting room to reschedule his appointment. He turned to the man now sitting in the waiting room that had barged into the office earlier, smiled and said politely,

"Why, I have to say, that was brilliant timing on your part, Mr. Krueger. You do have a way of making a grand entrance, don't you?"


copyright 2001, by Diana Lecter & Drandmrslecter

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