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Mrs. Rosencranz

copyright 2001, by Drandmrslecter

Disclaimer:    The characters Dr. Hannibal Lecter, Barney Jackson, and Mrs. Rachel DuBerry Rosencranz were created by Thomas Harris.  They are used herein without permission, but in the spirit of admiration and respect.  No infringement of copyright is intended, and no profit, of any kind, is made by the creator, maintainer or contributors to this site.

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"Dr. Lecter, you have a visitor" Barney said as he led Mrs. Rachel DuBerry Rosencranz to his cell. Dr. Lecter hadn't seen her in over 10 years, and she hadn't changed a bit.

"I was not aware of any visitors today, Barney, but thank you. Do you think that you can get our guest a chair?"

"Sure, Doc" said Barney politley.

Dr. Lecter's said nothing as his piercing maroon eyes glared at his former companion. Rachel watched Dr. Lecter as she stood silently waiting for her seat to arrive. She tried not to register surprise at Dr. Hannibal Lecter's, surroundings. How different from the beautiful home he had once inhabited. Dr. Lecter stood motionless as Barney brought her the chair.

"Thank you, Barney" he said as Rachel sat down.

"Thank you" Rachel politely echoed. She crossed her legs and waited for Dr. Lecter to begin speaking. She was wearing a Givenchy crème colored suit with matching sling backs. She had on very little jewelry and makeup. She wore Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds perfume and her hair was up.

"Rachel. What a pleasant surprise" Dr. Lecter finally said in a calm, quite voice. "You still wear White Diamonds, don't you?" he asked.

"I've always liked it" Rachel answered.

"Have you come here to gawk?"

"No," Rachel said, "I've come to visit an old friend."

"Does that old stuffed shirt of yours Franz know you're here?" he asked.

"No", Rachel said.

"I didn't think so" Dr. Lecter responded. "What will the society page say?" he asked smirking.

"No one knows I'm here," Rachel said again.

"I've been here 8 years, Rachel. To what do I owe the honor of today's visit?" he asked.

"Hannibal" Rachel said, "Do I really need to answer that?"

"Of course not", he said. Dr. Lecter was now seated at his table facing her. "Now, tell me Rachel" he began, "Do you have any juicy gossip for me?"

"Nothing that would interest you" she replied.

"Try me."

"Well, the Robinsons are getting divorced and the McKenzies are separated."

"You're right…it doesn't interest me," he said. "nor does it surprise me" he added. "Anyone die?" he then asked enthusiastically.

"Unfortunately, no" she said as they both smiled at each other for the first time in over a decade.

After some more small talk, Rachel said "I have something for you" as she reached into her Gucci handbag. She took out a small neatly saran wrapped package out of a paper bag and a Pall Mall 100 along with her lighter. Dr. Lecter's eyes widened and his nostrils flared.

"First the appetizer, then the cancer stick" Rachel said as she passed the foie gras that was in the saran wrap through the food carrier. Dr. Lecter took it and placed it on his table.

"Did this come from the Gourmet Emporium?"

"Yes", she answered. "It's the only place that prepares it as well as you did."

"How thoughtful-thank you," he said to her. "I'll save this for later" Dr. Lecter said.

Rachel then lit the cigarette and passed it through to him using one of the bottom air holes.

"Ah", Dr. Lecter said as he took his first drag, "Not exactly my brand, but nicotine is nicotine."

"Hannibal", Rachel said, "Can I at least ask you- why?"

"No". Dr. Lecter replied puffing away.

"Do you ever think of me?" she asked.

"On occasion when the need arises," he answered. "As a matter of fact, your visage can come quite in handy" he added with a devilish grin. Rachel looked down while Dr. Lecter finished his cigarette. He stubbed it out on his table.

After a short pause, Dr. Lecter asked her "Are you happy, Rachel?"


"Is your husband good to you?"

"Yes, he treats me well."

"But are you happy?" he asked again.

"Is this a visit or a therapy session?" Rachel snapped.

"Forget it" Dr. Lecter said.

"It's a good thing we stopped seeing each other when we did" Rachel said.

"Yes", Dr. Lecter answered, "That was excellent forethought on your part."

"Hannibal" she said in a very soft voice, " I cared deeply for you…part of me still does."

"How touching" Dr. Lecter said in response as his gaze bore into her.

After some more small talk, they both sat silently for some time. Dr. Lecter's maroon eyes continued to bore into her so deeply that Rachel started to squirm.

Finally, Dr. Lecter said to her " You should be going now. We don't want old Franz to get worried now, do we?"

"Yes, I'd better go, Hannibal" Rachel agreed as she folded her chair and gathered her things.

Dr. Lecter then said "Rachel, thank you for the goodies, but I have the feeling I'm never going to see you again, so please allow me to be frank." Then without missing a beat he said, "The reason you came here today was not only to satisfy your morbid curiosity, but to also ease your conscience about being associated with me. Not only are you a snob, but you're a gold digger who lies about her age married to a man you don't love who wouldn't know true elegance if it bit him on the backside." Dr. Lecter then paused for affect and then continued with a smile, "However, you were interesting company, a pleasant and charming companion, threw some rather amusing parties, quite pleasant to look at and dare I say, quite adequate in the bedroom."

Rachel managed a half smile as she tried to keep composed and reached down for her handbag as she turned to leave. "Goodbye, Hannibal" was all she was able to say as she started down the hall. Dr. Lecter could see her pulling a handkerchief out of her bag and put it to her nose.

"Don't forget to pick up your mink on the way out," Dr. Lecter shouted out to her as she reached the end of the corridor.

After supper, Dr. Lecter enjoyed the Foie Gras. Barney noticed, but didn't say anything. He also was silent about the cigarette smoke that still lingered in his cell.

"Oh, by the way, Dr." Barney said as he pulled Dr. Lecter's dinner tray through the carrier, "you're getting another visitor tomorrow--.someone from the FBI. Do you think they'll be needing a chair?"


copyright 2001, by Drandmrslecter

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