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copyright 2001, by Kabochon

Disclaimer:    Dr. Hannibal Lecter, Clarice Starling and Jack Crawford was created by Thomas Harris.  He is used herein without permission, but in the spirit of admiration and respect.  No infringement of copyright is intended, and no profit, of any kind, is made by the creator, maintainer or contributors to this site.

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Former Section Chief Jack Crawford sat at the back of the lecture hall, making a serious attempt at hiding himself among the students. His reason was simplicity itself; he did not want the instructor to notice him.

The class was a firearms class and met twice a week; once in the hall for two hours and two hours on the firing range. It was a mandatory requirement for neophyte trainees in the Bureau.

It was odd being back at Quantico after two years. Crawford found that he didn’t miss the place as much as he would have thought. Feeling that, he’d headed directly to the lecture hall instead of going by Behavioral Science to look at his old domain. The reason he was back was also simple: he wanted to see how she was doing.

Clarice Starling had been removed from active duty after the fiasco with Hannibal Lecter. She had almost been thrown out, but Crawford had called in one last major favor on her behalf and got her installed as a weapons instructor. Starling’s skill with the FBI-issue firearms was unmatched and he knew of no one better other than the late John Brigham who could run the course. Starling had been grateful for the assignment. Crawford was here to see how she was handling it.

Apparently very well, from what he could see and what he’d been able to glean from conversations. Starling ran the class like a ship, demanding nothing less than 100% from her students. Also, her good looks and admirable frame had a lot to do with the popularity of the class, despite it being required.

From his vantage point, Crawford could see why. Today she was strolling back and forth wearing a stylish navy blue suit with matching square-toed pumps. She’d dyed her hair a lovely shade of chestnut and wore it parted Indian-style and clasped at the back with a wide gold barrette.

Crawford had to admire how beautiful she looked. He had also found out through acquaintances that she’d bought a brand-new house in Alexandria and had also purchased another car from an auction…this one being a customized supercharged Lexus ES300. She’d begun dressing with a measure of elegance and attending ballet, opera and theater performances regularly. It was as if she’d gone into a chrysalis and emerged as an entirely different woman. But she still maintained her distance in regards to men……and Crawford found that odd. Clearly, she was witty enough, pretty enough.

Watching her stroll back and forth in front of her enrapt students, he wondered if it had anything to do with her late father. Did she want a man who had his qualities? If so, that would eliminate most of the men she was around.

But he had to be honest. Bella had been dead nine years and he’d gone without any intimate comfort for that period. And, he’d come to reason, if he wanted anyone, it was Starling. He had been attracted to her from the first, yet had never behaved inappropriately towards her. The age difference…well, it was the millennium and who paid attention to that sort of thing anymore?

Crawford had given his fondness for Starling a lot of thought and came to the conclusion that it was better he tried and found out than not try and never have known. He was here today to ask her to lunch.

Be on the range Thursday at oh-eight-hundred. Dismissed.”

No sooner than the words escaped her lips than her students crowded her, some asking for information, others hoping to get a date and all were dismissed soundly.

She was packing her briefcase when she looked up and saw him. Her face breaking into a warm smile, she grabbed her case and began walking up the stairs towards him.

Mr. Crawford!”

Hello Starling.” He rose.

What are you doing here?” She paused in front of him.

I stopped by to see how you were getting along with this,” he waved an arm, “and thought you would do an old man the courtesy of going to lunch with him.”

Of course I will. Let me get my purse from my office. Come on.”

After she retrieved her purse, they went to a nice restaurant not far from Quantico. Crawford was amused to see her order oysters and a steak, medium rare. He himself had roast chicken.

So how have you been, Starling?”

Fine, just fine. I bought a house not too long ago in Alexandria.”

I heard. That’s wonderful.”

Time I started living well. I have worked hard enough.”


So how have you been, Mr. Crawford?”


Excuse me?”

Call me Jack.”

Her face creased a moment and then she smiled. “Okay…Jack.”

Humor an old man.”

Jack……you’re not old.” She had a smile on her face, not a big one, just a small one. Her lips barely turned up and he thought she looked wonderfully happy.

I must ask, Starling……because I’m concerned……why haven’t you gotten married?”


Don’t give me that ‘men just aren’t interested’ crap either. Look at you.”

Thanks. Really, I’ve not given it that much thought, Jack. I’m very…content.”

Forgive me if I’m old fashioned, Clarice…but you need a husband. And children.”

Oh, I don’t really want children…” she said, her face taking on that weird little smile again. Crawford thought that either she was hiding something or that she was involved with someone. Had he assumed too much in thinking she wanted a husband? Had he assumed too much that it was a man she needed?

Oh, all right.”

So, what have you been doing since retiring, Mr--Jack?”

Fishing, reading, just…you know. Not much work.”

You shouldn’t have to.”

No. I shouldn’t.” He took a bite of his meat and chewed slowly. Clarice watched him, chewing her steak. She knew Crawford well. He would get around to what he really wanted when he was ready.

They ate most of the lunch in silence and, taking a sip of his coffee, he looked at her again.

Clarice…what I really wanted--want……is to see you.”

See me how?” she queried over her cappuccino.

See you…socially. I want to know if that is possible.”

She looked down at her cup, her eyes taking on that glow again. Crawford touched his napkin to his lip, chagrined.

You think I’m too old--”

Jack……please. I prefer older men,” she said, boldly staring at him while drinking from her cup.


But you haven’t let me finish, Jack. I think it’s possible.”

You do?” He didn’t even bother hiding his surprise.

It’s possible. Of course, I’d prefer if no one from the Bureau saw us together, you understand.”

Of course.”

Truth be told,” she said, “I had the biggest crush on you when I was a trainee.”


Yes. Of course, it would have been inappropriate.”

Of course.” He looked at her. “I feel silly approaching you like this, Clarice……but I had thought about this for quite some time. I just didn’t bother with it when you were still under me, so to speak, and of course there was Bella……but Bella never intended for me to be alone forever.”

Is that right?” That weird little smile was back.

No. We’d agreed on it years before she took sick…and it was fair. I have not met anyone that interests me more than you, and I admit to keeping minimal tabs on you since I retired. I’m so happy with what you’ve accomplished for yourself. Now tell me about your house.”

Why don’t I show you?” she suggested, her voice layered with unnamable emotions. Her eyes met his boldly.

Crawford choked on his coffee. Clarice had changed.

Call me Friday evening, I’ll give you directions.”

All right,” he said, wiping his mouth. “I will.”


Her house was a lovely ranch on a sparsely populated street. She lived at the end of the block, near the woods. She had a three-car garage and as he pulled up into the driveway, he wondered why she needed so much space.

Crawford rang the doorbell, a bottle of wine in his hands. Her directions had been direct and he found himself a little nervous while driving. Hell, he’d not done this in almost thirty years…Clarice had been a little girl when he’d begun courting Bella. He inhaled to calm down, telling himself to be himself. There was nothing wrong in what he was doing.

Clarice answered and he looked at her. She was wearing white drawstring pants and a very snug tank top. Her hair was down and she was barefoot.

Come in, Jack.”

He followed her inside and she showed him around. Her home had four bedrooms; one was used as her office, one for storage, and one was a spare bedroom. He noticed that she’d built a fire in the fireplace. She took the wine, smiling at the bottle. “Chianti! How very appropriate, Jack. Let me just chill this a little more. Sit down in the living room.”

After sitting on the exquisitely comfortable brocade sofa, Crawford took notice that Clarice’s fingernails and toenails were painted crimson. If nothing else, this was a sure sign that Clarice wasn’t the woman he knew her to be. What had caused the change in her? He found himself curious.


Not really.”

Clarice went over to the entertainment center and loaded five CDs into the changer. “I’m going to put on some music.”

You’re different, Starling.”

She looked up, giving him a coy smile. He found her smile aroused him. “Different how, Jack?”

You’re more…feminine. Not to say that you weren’t before, it’s just that…your clothes, your hair…you have painted nails. I never knew you to primp.”

Before, I never had a need to. But I’ve met someone……someone who likes it when I primp.”

The color went out of Crawford’s face. Clarice noticed it and went over to him, flicking the remote as she did so. She knelt in front of Crawford’s spread knees.

Don’t worry about him, Jack. We don’t see each other that much, and thus we have an understanding. He lets me do what I want…and I want you…here.”

Clarice,” he said, swallowing. Her nearness was arousing him even more. She leaned forward, pressing her chest against his crotch. He knew she felt his arousal.

Do we understand each other, Jack? Are you having second thoughts about coming here?”

Does that feel like I am? No, to put it into words.”

Good. I do have something I want to say to you, but not now.”

Some instrumental music began to play, violins and a piano. Crawford could not place the tune. Clarice rose to her feet in front of him, one hand on her belly.

Why don’t you tell me what you want, Jack?” She began rubbing her stomach. Crawford’s mouth went dry.

I want…you, Clarice.”

How long have you wanted me?”

For years…since Bella died.”

Really? Nine years is a long time to want someone.”

It is.” He didn’t think it would go down like this. He inhaled to calm himself down otherwise Clarice’s nearness was going to result in him coming in his slacks…it had been a long time for him.

She gave him a seductive look. “What are you willing to do for me?”

What do you want?”

For now, to sit there. Then, to watch. Will you sit there, Jack, or will I have to tie you to the sofa?”

His own answer shocked him, and he figured it was the result of being genuinely horny the first time in over eleven years. “You can tie me up if you want to.”

She smiled. “I just might…but not now.”

Clarice took his hands and put them on her waist. “You can touch me, you know. I don’t feel that we need to get to know each other……you already know me better than almost anyone else.”

Crawford was molten steel below the waist; his hands had slid around and down, cupping her buttocks, pulling her closer to him. “I agree, Clarice……damn……” He pulled her forward and she kissed him, covering his ears. She tipped her head back and he kissed his way down her neck. She put one of his hands over her breasts, letting him get what feel he could before she tied him up.

After a few minutes of letting him feel her up, she rose. “Ready for me to tie you up?”

Yes.” He was exquisitely horny.

Actually, I’m just going to tie your wrists, my dear. Then I’m going to strip for you…would you like that?”

Yes!” Did he sound too agreeable?

Good.” She leaned over him again and pulled two scarves from between the sofa cushions and tied his wrists together, and then tied him to the sofa arm so that he couldn’t move. At the same time, she heard a car pulling into the garage and that weird little smile broke across her face.

We’re in luck, Jack. You get to meet the man in my life. Don’t be afraid…like I said, he lets me do what I want. Who knows, he might even watch. He does love to watch. Don’t go soft on me yet…it’ll shatter my image of you.” She’d gotten right in his face and was kissing him when the door opened and closed. She got up, backing away slightly. Crawford’s eyes were on her and his dick was harder than vector calculus and he didn’t care about anything except Clarice taking sweet advantage of him.

What he didn’t expect was for Hannibal Lecter to enter Clarice’s home and come into the living room where they were and put his arms around her. He also didn’t expect her to turn and receive his awaiting kiss, and didn’t expect for him to rub on her the way he was doing.

Clarice……” Crawford could barely make out the words. Hannibal wore a dark silk shirt and dark slacks and it was obvious that he and Clarice were plenty close. When she stopped kissing him, she faced Crawford, his hand around her waist.

What I wanted to tell YOU, Mr. Crawford--Jack--was thank you. Were it not for you, I would have never been through such hell…nor been in such bliss. Thank you for sending me to Hannibal…thank you for bringing us together.”

Clarice…Clarice…” His mouth was deathly dry.

And now you get to watch,” she said, turning back to Hannibal. They kissed again and she pushed him down in the other sofa directly across from Crawford. Clarice rose in front of Hannibal, and swaying to the music, began to take off her clothes.

Despite his shock, Crawford couldn’t help maintaining his arousal at Clarice stripping. He was a man, after all, and this was a woman he’d wanted fiercely.

She slid out of the pants and wore a pair of white high cut panties. Clarice rolled around on the floor, both pairs of male eyes fastened upon her. She rose and came out of the tank top, her pert breasts bouncing to the beat. Clarice turned away from Crawford, beckoning to Hannibal, who rose and came to her. As he put his arms around her, Clarice turned back to Crawford, leaning into Hannibal’s chest, allowing his hands to caress her. One of them slid down beneath the barrier of her panties, finding her heat and began to stroke her. She moaned, even though her eyes were on Crawford.

This is…what happens…when you…oooh, Hannibal…send someone…else to…do---oooooh, Hannibal…your….dirty…work….mmmmm….”

What?” Crawford gasped, unable to tear his eyes away from them.

You sent me to interview him…you sent Will Graham after him…why didn’t you go yourself? You got all the credit…mmmmm, baby…but really, I’m not mad at you…Hannibal is sooo goood…to me….”

Thank you, Jack,” Hannibal said, his other hand squeezing her breast, “my darling Clarice is exquisite…and a worthy pupil of my instruction. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to repay you……wold allowing you to watch me make love to her suffice? By the way, how does it feel knowing that you’ll never have her?”

Crawford found he no longer had voice. He couldn’t muster enough spit to talk, nor could he close his eyes to what was happening before him. Lecter spun Clarice to the carpeted floor, removed her panties, and began to love her. And she wanted it. There was no denying the look on her face……she wanted that monster……welcomed that monster. Crawford closed his eyes but found they wouldn’t stay closed. His heart began to pound in his chest and his erection strained his slacks……he needed release. His mouth was sandpaper.

Clarice had her glorious legs around Lecter’s head and she was moaning his name and Crawford couldn’t block out the sound……couldn’t bear the thought that Hannibal Lecter was making her make those sounds. Crawford tried to shut his eyes but his lids wouldn’t close and he couldn’t turn his head……it was as though he was frozen and mute, forced to watch his archenemy eating the woman he’d wanted for nine years.

And then he entered her and she cried out, bringing his head down so that she could kiss him.

Crawford’s pulse was racing and his erection was beginning to hurt……he needed release badly……and in a few moments, he achieved it. Lecter put Clarice on all fours and came into her from the back and the sight of him fucking her like that drove Crawford to climax. Soon after, he found he had voice.

No! No! No!” His heart slammed in his chest.

Yes!” was Clarice’s heated response, “yes……yes……harder……” And Hannibal obliged her and Crawford was faced with the sight of her coming, falling on the carpet with him still inside her, landing atop her, trembling from his own peak.

Crawford squeezed his eyes shut, wanting to block out this nightmare. He felt hot and sweaty and felt lightning racing up his bound arms.

After a few moments, he opened his eyes and his last vision was of Hannibal devouring Clarice’s lips in a passionate kiss, his hands cupping her nipples…him pushing into her once, hard and erect, again. He had that much life in him? Crawford’s penis was still limp against his semen-stained pants, but Lecter was once again sexing Clarice on the floor. Crawford couldn’t take that final insult, screamed in anguish and had a massive heart attack.

It was some time later when the couple on the floor noticed that their guest was dead.       


copyright 2001, by Kabochon

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