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A Long Spoon

Story copyright 1999, by Leeker17

Art copyright 1999 by LecterGrrl

Disclaimer:    The characters Dr. Hannibal Lecter and Clarice Starling were created by Thomas Harris.  They are used herein without permission, but in the spirit of admiration and respect.  No infringement of copyright is intended, and no profit, of any kind, is made by the creator, maintainer or contributors to this site.

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A Long Spoon - Illustration courtesy of LectergrrlHe came swiftly from his chair to her, went on a knee before it and bent to her coral and cream. His red tongue found her breast and licked away the golden drop of wine in the firelight. Slowly it made it's way to the sensitive aureole. He took his time at her breast breathing and taking in the scent emanating from her warm bosom. Ever so slowly his hand reached into her gown to free her other breast. With that Clarice knew she was free for once in her life to give herself willingly over to the art of pleasure and pleasuring.

As much as she enjoyed the delectable sensations, her body ached for more. Her hands slid across his head, his hair. She wanted to taste his lips, his mouth. Clarice pulled his head away from her breast and he gave in-reluctantly. For a moment they hesitated and looked into each others eyes; hers dulled slightly as coals would in a fire, his glowing like fire and the look rekindled the passion. Starling's mouth found his and he opened to her questing tongue as she had opened her mind to him. Their tongues met in a mutual dance of seduction and need and want. Lecter weighed his options: They could make love here but, afterward it would be terribly uncomfortable and their was something so tasteless about it. It would be rude and inconsiderate of him to make Clarice uncomfortable physically. Then, as if to reassure him of the rightness of his choice-Clarice pulled slightly away from him and whispered his name Hannibal, he made his choice.

Just as Clarice was hovering so close to the abyss of thoughtlessness she received a shock. She felt her legs taken out from under her and she found herself standing with Hannibal's arms wrapped around her. He indulged himself and his desire by gently licking and nibbling her earlobe-not that Clarice minded. But, she craved closer contact. Clarice slid her hands up Hannibal Lecter's chest and lifted her leg to wrap around him. As they pressed closer together she could feel his own need against her thigh. Then Hannibal picked her up and whispered so softly she had to strain to hear-"Let us go to a more appropriate location." Clarice turned her head and occupied herself with kissing his neck as he carried her to the master bedroom.

They stood by the bed then. Clarice spoke then "Hannibal these clothes are becoming quite unnecessary and confining. Looking quickly and admiringly down she added "for the both of us." Umm. Clarice I quite agree." Slowly then, teasing the both of them Lecter slid his hands expertly up her body to the zipper in the back of her dress. He quickly pulled it down and the silk dress slid away to reveal only silken skin. Off quickly came the accompanying undergarments. Hannibal Lecter's breath again froze in his throat just as it had in the drawing room when he had seen her there standing before him. His eyes opened wide to reveal a more intense flame. This time when he took another breath it was markedly more labored, they both noticed. Hannibal spoke then "Clarice come with me, look at yourself in the mirror now. Oh Clarice you are even more of a delicious vision now than ever before. They stood before the mirror together. Starling's unclothed back pressed against Lecter's clothed. She sighed and spoke out of frustration "I always seem to be unclothed to you in one fashion or another." Then she smiled a smile that would of melted a monster's heart and spoke again. "I think its time you gave up some of your secrets."

Turning then she took his tie off and threw it in a corner. She slid her hands up the silk of his shirt causing a jolt of pleasure in his body he couldn't control and he shuddered. Divesting him of his shirt she ran her hands over the textures of his warm chest. Reciprocating the sensations he had given her earlier she ran her hand over Lecter's nipple-the one that had been singed at the Verger place. There was still some residual soreness-Clarice ran her finger over it leaving only a cooling heat. She bent her head and licked and suckled his chest. Lecter felt himself being drawn into a vortex of intense need and it felt so good. So Hannibal Lecter gave himself over to receiving pleasure.

Clarice languidly kissed his neck and his chest and gently bit and suckled his ears. Then a most unusual sound came from the Dr., he moaned-Starling smiled. She ran her hands down his flat, lean stomach to the waistband of his trousers. "I believe its time all of you be freed, do you agree"? Eyes still closed he whispered "Oh, yes please." Clarice undid his belt and tossed it aside. Her hand slid down his pants to caress him through the trousers. She shuddered herself then and felt the white-hot ache slice her to her core. Then she slid the trousers down and off his legs. The only barrier to him left were the silk shorts he wore. Starling rubbed the silk across the velvet of his skin and desire. Hannibal felt a delicious ache building to encompass all his body and was threatening to consume his mind. Clarice pulled the them away. The last barrier left to him was gone. They both stood naked and bare to each other in more ways than one. Lecter opened his eyes and pulled Clarice close. To be fair it was time to give her all the pleasure he could. Once again Clarice Starling found herself in the arms of Hannibal Lecter and then a bed beneath her.

Lecter laid down beside her and stroked her belly and her hip heading toward the inevitable location. He ran his hand over the outer lip and slipped a finger inside her-she moaned and writhed gently. She gave all of herself over to him. Hannibal expertly ran a finger over the bud of her desire. In went another finger languidly stroking and ever searching found where the other was. Then his mouth was on her moving to take the place of the fingers. He kissed along her breast and stomach teasing her even more. She groaned in need and want. Then his tongue found it's place. Starling groaned then his tongue licked and teased the center of her. Clarice arched her back to the sensation. On their own accord her hands pressed on his head trying to move him deeper inside her. Starling moved in impatience.

His head came up briefly "Patience Clarice, dessert is supposed to be savored and a morsel as delectable as you is to be savored." He bent his head again and Starling felt the white-heat, the rush, she couldn’t-didn't want to stop it. Her body moved uncontrollably and arched against him. Still though, it wasn't enough she wanted all of him. Clarice slid a hand between their slick bodies and held his warm, neglected length in one hand and caressed it with the other. The scent of Starling's desire was intoxicating, that coupled with feel of her hands fondling and manipulating him was too much.

He moved her hand then and as graceful as a dancer his body covered hers a warm cover and the meaning was clear. She pulled him to her in response. Only feeling going by instinct he slid inside her. Clarice gasped at the intimate invasion of her body. Hannibal was inside her-mind and body she was satisfied with this. He stayed very still to allow her to adjust, and then began a slow, sensuous rhythm. Clarice wrapped her legs around him to coax him deeper. The rhythm began to intensify and Clarice approached the precipice-and jumped gladly. Hannibal felt her muscles contract and knew he could surrender to his need. Clarice's arms wrapped around him and held him close. Burying his face in her neck he went over the edge. He came inside her and moaned softly into her neck "Clarice". For awhile after they shared the last tremors of pleasure.

Clarice Starling lays now in the arms of Hannibal Lecter sleeping peacefully as does Hannibal Lecter. Clarice has had no nightmares since the silencing of the lambs. Hannibal Lecter sleeps peacefully with no memories or nightmares of Mischa and together Clarice and Hannibal sleep peacefully in each other. In fact, lying together like this they look like a long spoon. 


Story copyright 1999, by Leeker17

Art copyright 1999 by LecterGrrl

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