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Untitled I

copyright 2000, by Mel

Disclaimer:    The characters Dr. Hannibal Lecter and Clarice Starling were created by Thomas Harris.  They are used herein without permission, but in the spirit of admiration and respect.  No infringement of copyright is intended, and no profit, of any kind, is made by the creator, maintainer or contributors to this site.

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Starling's eyes prickled, hot, and she blinked in disbelief. The newspaper fell to the floor, a soft thump, and she gripped the edge of the newsstand as she swayed, suddenly nauseous and unsteady. The hum of traffic and people grew dim and distorted, and the paperboy rushed to her side. She batted him off and stumbled away into the throng of commuters. Her reaction spoke more truth to her than the good doctor had ever revealed.
Below the picture of the darkly handsome doctor was the caption, in 14 point railroad gothic…

“Infamous ‘Cannibal’ shot dead in police raid”

copyright 2000, by Mel

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This fan fiction site exists to honor characters created by Thomas Harris.
No infringement of rights is intended and no profit, of any kind, is made.